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DFI Innovations specializes in creating Smart Homes & Businesses.  Our Smart Homes are made, designed, and installed completely customized for you and your family and can include any and all of the services we provide.  At DFI, we pride ourselves on using the latest, most state of the art technology, in a way that doesn’t distract from the core features of your home.  Because at the end of the day, your technology should work for YOU – not the other way around.

  • Your favorite music or radio station set to wake you up each morning.
  • Blinds and Shades automatically opening at sunrise and sunset.
  • Outdoor lighting turning on at sunset each evening and adjusting the time each day of the year.
  • An All Off button on your way out the door – turning off all lights & TV’s, closing blinds, & arming the security system.
  • Video Intercom in various rooms of the home and at the front door or gate.
  • In-Home Movie Rooms that recreate the same effects of being at a real movie theater.
  • Fast and reliable WiFi coverage in all areas of your home – outside too!
  • Centralized lighting controls – removing the need for and large banks of light switches and unnecessary wall acne.

What are you waiting for – give DFI Innovations a call today!

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Home Theater

It really is as good as it sounds – a dedicated home theater or media room is the perfect way to catch the latest movie or football game without needing to leave the house. We can design a home theater to any budget and in any room – including the garage!

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Project Gallery

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